A challenging time to be a Christian


This is a challenging time to be a Christian. There is a big difference between being culturally Christian and being a Christian in culture.

One is concerned with policy; the other is concerned with people.

One wants to create a separate world; the other seeks to inform the world we have.

One is concerned with safety; the other relishes danger.

One is driven by fear; the other driven by hope.

One is against the world; the other loves the world (John 3:16).

One is not in, but of the world; the other is not of, but in the world.

One creates a subculture alternative to the world; the other are people making contributions in the world.

One majors on morality; the other majors on grace.

One is big but shrinking; the other is small but growing.

One divides over differences; the other connects over similarities.

One judges; the other accepts.

One blames; the other forgives.

One is proud; the other is humble.

One is exclusive; the other is inclusive.

One separates; the other embraces.

One is trying to reform society; the other is about being reformed in society.

This is a time like no other in history. We cannot assume that our traditional evangelical messages are being understood as to what they really mean. Christianity has been politically usurped. We must find other ways of living out our faith other than the popular, presumptive ones that have been around for the last few decades. We need to internalize our faith and then find new ways to talk about it and live it out. We need to work at articulating the meaning of truth not just brandishing Christian platitudes and buzz words. Don’t trust what comes down the Christian marketing channels; study the word of God for yourself and translate it into the world around you. These are exciting days to think for yourself and ask the Holy Spirit to guide you into all truth.

We are not cultural Christians; we are Christians in culture. One lets the culture speak for it; the other speaks for itself.

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5 Responses to A challenging time to be a Christian

  1. John Fagliano says:

    Excellent, John. We do need to articulate apart from buzzwords and phrases. People have heard it all before and are not interested. A heartfelt expression of faith will open more ears. But mostly it’s not about what people hear but what they see.

  2. davidbray says:

    Well said. I hear it, see it, feel it everyday. We
    Need more praying and less politicking. We need
    More power and less slick presentation. I think we
    Know where , how to engage with the power. Join me
    will you?!

  3. drewdsnider says:

    I’m reminded of the time I was fired from what I thought was The Job God Had Placed Me In — producing — and potentially hosting — at a Christian TV station. As I left, I heard the Lord say, “it’s more important to be a Christian in broadcasting than in Christian broadcasting.”

    It’s worth remembering that when the Magi followed the star to reach Jesus, God was using a means that His people were forbidden to dabble in — a star in the heavens — to communicate to the Gentiles that the Messiah had come. He used language the Gentiles could understand. So should we, in reaching out to others. “A non-believer is just a saint who hasn’t met Jesus yet.”

  4. Mark Dennis Seguin says:

    Amen Pastor John to this: “We are not cultural Christians; we are Christians in culture. One lets the culture speak for it; the other speaks for itself.”

    And absolutely GREAT points you made! And let me plz again suggest to consider adding to your education by reading: Dr. Robert Rohm’s book: “DISC Method of Understanding Personality Types” b/c I imagine it will enhance your great writing skills on the Catches…

    PS I thought of this the other day, just as you see (And I AGREE the Jesus Movement was NEEDED!) somewhat b/c of getting rid of the old ways & using a bit more modern and a LOT LESS of the Self Righteous Pharisee approach of doing things and you once mentioned to me how the Prophets of the Old Testament were mostly negative – and I can’t dispute that, yet comparing it to the Jesus Movement to what once was the Church back before it – I see with God’s Holy Spirit help is reading good positive books & God bring up new Ministries by advancing your education in reading great books by other fellow believers. To help enchace (sp?) your Ministry. Such as Dr. Robert Rohm book I mentioned above about a few zillion times, lol and like to add: Dr. Shad Helmstetter great work of his book: “What to say when you talk to yourself 365 Days of Positive Self-Talk”

    Which a more advance version is available in these cool Smart phone downloads 4 free for 30 days to see if they’re something that will help…

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