Jesus>Everything else


He>i is more than a clothing brand from a company in Haleiwa, Hawaii, it is a logo that captures the statement in John 3:30 that He (Jesus) is greater than I (John). “He must become greater; I must become less.” How true. We need more of Jesus and less of everything else. This is the cry of the Jesus Movement made even more true today.

By “everything else” I mean just about everything one could think of in relation to Christianity or religion that has little or nothing to do with Jesus, or that takes away from attention upon Him.

We are seeing a lot of these things today. Today we are focusing on things that lead us away from Jesus like celebrity, morality, political power, empire-building, worship music (that worships itself or its performer(s), social action (not done in the name or the power of Jesus), Bible study (for its own sake), numbers (for the sake of success), and success (for the sake of numbers).

No wonder John announced that Jesus must become greater.

John announced when he was introducing Jesus to the people, we are looking to Jesus and watching everything else become less.

Instead of celebrity, we are making it clear that Jesus Christ is Lord, and there is no other.

Instead of morality, we are claiming God’s grace over our own immorality and passing that grace onto others through Christ’s death for us all on the cross.

Instead of political power, we have renounced earthly power in all forms and are claiming the power of Christ through His Holy Spirit.

Instead of building empires, we are building caring communities through our calling as the body of Christ.

Instead of worshiping worship, we are worshiping Jesus in simple ways that do not lift up anyone or anything but Him.

Jesus is greater than you, me, and everything else.



Creating a New Song of Deliverance and Hope


Paul Clark, Nancy Honeytree, Barry McGuire, Glenn Kaiser, Randy Stonehill, John Fischer, Noel Paul Stookey and Ingemar Olsson.

You do not want to miss seeing and hearing these who have consistently lived within their prophetic message over these last 50 years. Come and hear what they have to say about a new movement for a new generation!



Live Streaming on February 11, 2023 at 4pm Pacific

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