Perfect people and perfect places


Why isn’t my life perfect? Why don’t things turn out the way I want them to? Why, when I hear the simple truth of the word of God, can’t I do the thing it is asking me to do? Why isn’t my life easier? Why isn’t it easier to please God? Why is it so hard to change? Why do I keep falling in the same ruts? Why can’t I draw on the Holy Spirit when I need Him most? Why am I so comfortable with mediocrity? Why is it sometimes so hard to do what God is asking me to do?

Why, with the night sky above me and the waves crashing below, in the most idyllic place on the planet — a place synonymous with paradise — am I so full of why’s? Why isn’t this just a perfect moment? Why is this so not paradise?

Can I answer any of these questions? If I could, I wouldn’t ask them. So why am I inviting you in to view this incredible display of personal incompetence? Because I’m banking on the fact that you have asked these questions of yourself a few times, if not, many times, and knowing someone else feels this way and still believes, and still hopes, might give you courage to go on believing … and keep hoping.

Now before you charge me with Alzheimer’s, I’m sure that’s not it. I’ve got all my faculties and all my faith. Maybe it’s just this perfect place that brings out all these imperfections. Do perfect people and perfect places do that to you, too?

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7 Responses to Perfect people and perfect places

  1. Priscilla says:

    Because we’re human and yet God still loves us! If he didn’t, I don’t think I could even get out of bed in the morning. Thank you God for loving us so much.

  2. Pam Martin says:

    What is hardest for me now is seeing people with a “name it and claim it” faith actually getting answers to their prayers for physical blessings while I am not seeing answers to the spiritual well-being of my children. I wonder, do they know how to ask better? Is their faith bigger? Am I unworthy? I thought God cared more for our relationship with him, and our spiritual health, then he does for a big house in a good neighborhood. But if I compare my struggles and my silent answers from God, to the flashy, happy, bold prayers of those that seem to be heaped with earthly blessings, I start to doubt.

    • Sandie says:

      Pam – their faith is not bigger. They do not know how to pray better. They are not more worthy. Those are Satan’s lies – he is never happier than when he divides us against fellow believers.
      God never works the same in our lives; that’s why we are not to judge. We only see the outside, not the heart.
      Do not doubt yourself; do not doubt that He is working in your children’s hearts.Look past the surface; let the Holy Spirit open your spiritual eyes and renew your trust and faith.
      Above all, rest in His peace and truth – He will never leave us or forsake us.
      Jeremiah 29:11

  3. John A Fagliano says:

    I can so easily relate to all of those questions. You are not alone.

  4. Sandie says:

    Romans 7: 14 – 25
    We are all in the same boat, so to speak – even Paul. We will struggle with sin and its effects, in us, through us, around us, until we see Jesus face-to-face. We straddle two spiritual worlds in our lives – the old sin nature that we battle daily – while at the same time God views us as perfect and without sin because He sees us through the lens of Jesus Christ.
    We need to savor the beauty and peace He affords us when our souls need to rest. There are a lot of things I’ve stopped questioning because it appears I am not meant to know now. And if I did know, I’d probably screw it up somehow. GRACE truly covers a lot of sin.
    Phillipians 1:6
    I love the ocean too – Florida is paradise to us. We find rest in it.

  5. Sue Berger says:

    When in the “perfect place” as you describe (and a star-filled night sky on the beach is pretty darn close!!!) I actually find peace & rest. It’s the world as God intended it to be. Full of His warmth & love & peace. The question that runs thru my mind is, “Why can’t my whole life be like this moment?” And the answer is, “My child, this is what I intended for you & still promise you in eternity; but sin entered your world & it’s hard for this time; but it will not remain; trust Me”. And I relax & sink into the moment & relish what my eternity in God’s presence will be like. It’s so God to give us glimpses of what he intended for us & promises us! Amen!

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