Visible Evidence

by Marti Fischer


From traditional Christian thinking to reaching outside the walls of the church, outside ourselves, John believes it is vital for Christians to recognize and learn how to participate in God’s business to bring men, women, and their children to Him. He has know the Lord almost since birth, chewed on the Word before he had teeth, and has served Him all of his days.

On the other hand, I am a Pagan by birth, prone to pick things up and put them in my mouth as I go, and liable at any time to suggest Jesus pick up His pace.  I have no problem making the antagonist a part of the solution or sidling up to evil to coax the requisite good out of it. The consequences to this often include being stabbed in the back or toasted over coals. Yet I cannot imagine living any other way. It is all I know.

As different as any couple could possible be, John and I together want to be a part of whatever didn’t exist before and will remain, merely warming our hands over the fire until whatever is being revealed by the Lord is owned by whomever happens to be there. Even more real than witnessing the birth of a child, when watching Christ change lives, heal hurting hearts, touch lonely spirits, and restoring what was once thought to never be made right, it is the visible evidence of Christ on earth – made real – right before our very eyes.

Why I’m still backing this man (even though He can frustrate me like no other)  and why I think you should, too          

We have watched John Fischer use his celebrity as currency, and I think he spends it well. Wherever he sings, speaks, or writes — in any arena — his passion commands attention. People listen and accept his challenges, which require much sorting to be done in the lives that take note.

Wherever he shows up, he defines the moment for us — for our values, for the culture that we live in, and for the questions represented in all of us. Jesus manifests His life through His servant John, as He does through you and me. You see, John is a lot like you and me — visible evidence.

By no means is he Saint John nor will he become an idealized poster child for Christ.  Yet his “Catches” are like parables for why we live. He invites us to enter into his passion to become common heroes in the warfare of pain, and get really busy toward removing the causes of hardship in others. We too tell stories, as if they were parables, and welcome everyone to enter our passion. We share his heart specifically with the vulnerable and the weak, knowing God is with us if we are with them. You see … you and I are a lot like John.

He is an aging man still playing a kid’s game (with sharp wit and a dedicated heart), and like him, we try to psych ourselves up to accomplish something great for God, well aware of the ridiculousness of the trappings, and searching for and sometimes finding reasons to go on. John, the aging, iconic rock star is in love with Jesus and himself in equal measure, and not bothered by the incongruity. He really is a lot like you and me.

John’s message hasn’t changed over the 40+ years since I’ve known him. It’s elementary: Grace. It has been an answer and an admonition running through every thing he writes from songs, to books, to his writing every day through the Catch and other platforms offered to him.  The message is Grace given to us to give out through Jesus Christ to everyone, everywhere. It’s called Grace Turned Outward — visible evidence of Christ in John, you and me.

As visible evidence of Christ, we speak the “good news” of the Gospel in practical terms throughout the world resulting in revolutionary effects that are holistic, integrated with all of life, and sustainable. Traditional methods such as mission work, mega churches, and mass evangelism have run their course. The work of the Kingdom is under new banners — requiring new wineskins for new wine.

As visible evidence of Christ, take your position in the world’s theater for such a time as this.

Groundbreaking work of the Kingdom is taking place at The Catch Ministry in the name of Jesus. We must shout in unison, “No retreat!” We must remain visible evidence.

As visible evidence of Christ on earth, we change lives, heal hurting hearts, touch lonely spirits, and restore what was once thought to never be made right, it is the visible evidence of Christ on earth – made real – right before our very eyes. He is working through you.   He is being seen.

How can you possibly do anything but financially support the Catch Ministry according to your ability.  We need 300 people to contribute $50 or 150 people to contribute $100 or 75 people to contribute $200.

If you raise $15,000  by Wednesday evening, anyone giving more than $50 will receive a Visible Evidence” T-Shirt as the ministry’s way of saying thank you for being visible when answering this urgent need. 

Christ restored what was once thought to never be made right in John, in you, and in me — Can we do anything less than be visible evidence of Christ in the lives of so many within our Catch Ministry?

We either go together — shouting “No Retreat” to the many we serve today and through our expansion plans for tomorrow — or we fold.  It is as simple as that.

I shout, “No Retreat!” John shouts, “No Retreat!” And you shout …..

John and I are getting hit from all corners of the enemy like no other time.  That is why we shout back into his face, “No Retreat!” Whenever we forget we are visible evidence of Christ on earth, or get scared or want to walk away, we think of you and you faithfulness to this ministry. And then, John and I shout together with the Board of Directors and the developing Accountability Commission, “No Retreat.” Nevertheless, we welcome your prayers and the covering of our Board and Commission and our families.

I am John Fischer and I approved this

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3 Responses to Visible Evidence

  1. Mark says:

    I’ll shout “No Retreat!” too…

  2. I say and shout, “NO RETREAT!

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