My Valentine


For purpose of themes for the Catch, I’m going to stretch Valentine’s Day into one more day. I’m sure you can still find some hearts around the house, or in some of the local businesses you will visit today. Aside from Presidents’ Day, and not everybody honors that, it’s the only thing in the otherwise dreary month of February to celebrate.

Yesterday we looked at this from the standpoint of you and me being God’s Valentine. We were reminded of the fact that beauty resides in the eye of the beholder, and how that is a good thing for us since many of us are beauty-challenged. You definitely don’t think of beauty when you think of me.

But as for my Valentine to whom I’ve been married for almost 45 years now, it’s a different story. She doesn’t need any help in the beauty department. For me, you’re going to need some help from the eye of the beholder to see any beauty; for Marti, it’s common knowledge — there for all to see. So let me tell you a little about her in case you didn’t know.

My Valentine has a passion for people. She has a passion for prayer and our Prayer Warriors, and believes it is a measure of our health whether we are praying or not.

My Valentine works as hard as three people combined.

My Valentine is thorough.

My Valentine adores her children and grandchildren, and loves them more than she loves herself. Indeed, she is the most selfless person I know.

As busy as she is (and she is busy), my Valentine always has time for you, and when she does, she gives you 100% attention.

My Valentine wants everyone to know Jesus, believes the Great Commission was given to her personally, and will not rest until grace has been turned outward to everyone, everywhere; and that’s not just in her sphere of influence, that’s the world over.

My Valentine loves me, in spite of my many screw-ups, and I have no idea why.

My Valentine is sometimes hard to get going in the morning, but once she’s going, she’s almost impossible to stop.

My Valentine treats everyone with equal dignity and respect. No exceptions.

My Valentine has one speed only. Full speed ahead.

My Valentine knows how to make people feel special.

My Valentine loves to give.

My Valentine’s heart beats for homeless women.

My Valentine wants to bring respect back to women.

My Valentine wants everyone to touch poverty and find out how much the same we all are.

My Valentine is the genuine, 100% real deal. There is nothing fake about her.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Marti.


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6 Responses to My Valentine

  1. kellief4 says:

    That’s a wonderful Valentine! And something to strive to achieve for the rest of us.

  2. Mark D Seguin says:

    Like to add a late Happy Valentine’s Day, to gorgeous & lovely Marti.

  3. ❛Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.❜
    —Marcel Proust

  4. Let’s see if we can’t extend the Spirit of Love in this afterglow of Valentine’s Day juuusst a little bit longer…

    Sometimes it feels like America is losing its sense of community, but then you hear about a place like this neighborhood in Newton, Massachusetts.
    A 2-year old girl and her desire for engagement has been painfully obvious to everyone in the neighborhood.
    Would that we all be these types of neighbors.
    Won’t you be my neighbor?
    from tonight’s “On the Road with Steve Hartman” (CBS Evening News)

    Happy Valentines Day and Presidents Day everyone!

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