Fright night


Houston Astro fans got an early Halloween. It was truly fright night in Houston as the Astros gave up their chance for a World Series championship to the upstart wild card Washington Nationals. It happens often. It has happened seven times since 1997. The team that has plodded along winning consistently all year long ends up losing to a team with much fewer wins (the Nats didn’t even win their division), but is surging at the end. That’s how my Angels won a championship in 2002.

Here in southern California, fright night is tonight, but sadly, in some places, it will be unable to be celebrated properly with neighborhoods evacuated from numerous fires fueled by hot days and high winds. Some of that fright will be real to those who return to find only a skeleton of their home. We need to be in prayer for these people.

But here on Oak Street, the show will go on. The street will be closed off to vehicular traffic and literally thousands of people will make their way up and down three blocks here that go all out decorating for this night. Residents on our street have such a demand for candy that townspeople from all over who plan on bringing their children are contributing to our candy supply. It’s a very appreciated gesture since last year we gave out over 2,000 pieces.

Meanwhile, picture day was yesterday, and we got some good ones including the one at the top of this page. Little Jackson was a challenge. The photographer was screaming, dancing and shaking toys to get him to look in her direction. It’s amazing that we got even that one — eight people looking relatively good all at the same time — a chronicle to the most important blessing we have — the people that we love in our lives. You get a good photo and everyone looks so happy, and even though you know that is probably not the case, for that one moment in time, it is, captured forever on film; we are what we all know we can be — a true slice of what the Spirit brings to our lives all the time.



The incredible women in my life.

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4 Responses to Fright night

  1. Alma Siemens says:

    Love the photos. Thanks. I’m praying for California.

  2. kellief4 says:

    Those are fabulous photos!!! Well worth the effort!

  3. Sandie says:

    Prayers are with California – it seems the fires spread and leave nowhere to run – I can’t imagine. I’m especially worried for a dear friend and her family who live in Fairfield.
    On another note…I’m glad you mentioned the fun you and your neighbors provided for so many last night. God knows fun is hard to find sometimes. I remember a gem you shared many years ago when you did commentary for CCM. I’m going to paraphrase…”On the one night a year our neighbors in our community come out in numbers, what are Christians offering? Locked doors. shades drawn, no lights…no welcome.”
    As Scott Roley sang so wisely, we sit in our Mansions of Opinion “high above the street.” Last night we once again sat outside and offered candy, a glowstick(for safety), and our smiles.
    Beautiful pictures, beautiful family.

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