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Golgatha today. Can you find the cross in this picture?

You were dead because of your sins and because your sinful nature was not yet cut away. Then God made you alive with Christ, for he forgave all our sins. He canceled the record of the charges against us and took it away by nailing it to the cross. Colossians 2:13-14

I want to thank Drew for his comments about my coverage of Kobe Bryant’s passing. He was wishing my Catch yesterday had gotten the social media coverage that a certain reporter from the Washington Post received for her tweet reminding the world about Kobe’s rape allegation charges in 2003 involving a hotel worker in Denver. Though charges were never filed and the alleged victim settled out of court, it was certainly a black mark on Kobe’s record and came very close to costing him his marriage. Yet his strong commitment to the community and obvious love for his wife and daughters have overshadowed that dark time in his life.

What’s more, it brings to mind what Paul wrote in Colossians that God has canceled our court record and put it away by nailing it to the cross. Think of that. If the record of charges against you was nailed to the cross where is it now? Does anyone know where the cross is? No. It’s buried or burned up. You couldn’t find the record of charges against you if you tried. Why are we trying to remember what God has forgotten? We all have things in our past that anyone could bring up should they so desire. But the record of the charges related to those things has been canceled and nailed to the cross. Go ahead — just try to find it.

Paul said our record was nailed to the cross. The way we know it was nailed to the cross is because our sins were laid on Jesus when He was nailed there. So they are gone. Forgotten. Your record of wrongs has been expunged. As if it never existed. That’s the way of God’s forgiveness. There’s nothing else like it on the face of the earth.


We are rapidly coming to the end of an amazing opportunity to help sustain the Catch and its worldwide ministry into the future.

Mike High is offering a $500 Monthly Match.

Why should you participate by either Increasing your MemberPartner monthly commitment or becoming a New MemberPartner?

Because … Every person who becomes a MemberPartner increases the heartbeat of the Catch Ministry.  You become partners in a paradigm shift in worldview, like no other group of believers. This is because our message is expressed in practical terms throughout the Marketplace: The kingdom of our lives, which is the Lord’s, is an integrated and sustainable message of liberty.

Because … The core of this transformation message is Grace Turned Outward. It is the solid foundational message that makes the Catch Ministry’s initiatives sustainable. The Grace Turned Outward message is transforming individuals throughout the Marketplace in 143 countries throughout the world, which is causing great change and growth by simple multiplication —  one person at a time. This ongoing work is successful because of our MemberPartners’ involvement in the Catch Ministry and their monthly contributions in support of the work.

Because … This message is integrated into the very fabric of the Ministry’s services.  Effecting this large change is creating a synergy and requires a comprehensive approach that includes thought leaders, the implementation of a practical and widely-circulated program of studies, and multiple services for practical application that represent together the full scope of the message –  Grace Turned Outward.

Because … The Catch Ministry’s expansion is real. It is real because it is the Lord who is increasing His message wherever you go… and you want to support whatever the Lord is doing … Because everything He does, always expands. 

Because … Right now, Mike High is challenging the Catch community to either become new MemberPartners, or, as an existing MemberPartner, to increase your monthly commitment. Mike will commit to $500 a month if your pledged gifts by this Friday, January 31, either new or added on, total $500. The beauty of this match is that it is not just for one month — it’s for every month!

— Doing the Math—

  • So far, New MemberPartners have come on board and 8 MemberPartners have increased their commitment responding to Mike’s challenge, accounting for a total
  • The MemberPartners’ new contributions go straight to the work of the Ministry and count toward Mike’s $500 Match …
  • Once again, to meet the Match, you and I need to raise an additional $165 in monthly commitments today.

— Assuming We Meet Mike’s Match —

  • Each gift is doubled to TOTAL $1,000 a month! Now, that’s an investment!

Help these MemberPartners make their MATCH!

Lynn, Pendleton, Oregon; Rebekah, Santa Ana, California; Paul, Wayne, Pennsylvania; John, Fort Mitchell, Kentucky; Paul, Shakopee, Minnesota; Darin, Cozad, Nebraska; Daryl, Alberta, Canada; Roger, Whittier, California; Terri, Reedley, California; David, Liberty Lake, Washington; Robert, Miami, Florida

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4 Responses to Nailed

  1. Dave Morgereth says:

    I seem to recall a certain Old Testament king who who repented and recovered from a moral failure.

  2. kellief4 says:

    From all appearances, it seems Kobe did turn his life around. And the world is a better place for it.

    I also do think we cannot minimize or brush away the person/people who are hurt. Especially when their perpetrator is someone who might just be giving lip service to being repentant.

    There is a Christian writer who feels called to not just help victims, but also help the church stop adding to the problem. She has a lot of food for thought on her blog. Forgiveness to you and I is one thing, forgiveness for someone who has to live with something daily that happened to them is much more intense.

    And if the church tells a victim they are forgiving the person and all is suddenly well, what does that do for the actual victim? I guess what I’m saying is we need to approach this in a serious manner, provide as much support for the victim as the other, not make the victim feel their claims don’t matter after forgiveness has been declared, and make sure that change happens in the church and in that persons life.

    For some reason this issue has always struck me hard. As an adult I have been shocked at how many times people (not just women) have dealt with issues from fellow church members, but because they were well known and loved members, nothing was done. The people were generally told as Christians they must forgive and forget. Thankfully laws are now in place to provide the justice that many didn’t seem to know how to provide.

    (Sorry for the long dissertation. I think I’ve had too much caffeine today)

    • Mark D Seguin says:

      My two cents: “…this must forgive and forget.” Is a falsely! Too often promoted by the Church!

      Yes, by all mean forgive – it’s the only way to our freedom, but no forget it ONLY AFTER it’s been reported to the law!

  3. jwfisch says:

    I do not know what it is like to have been abused in this way so I cannot speak with understanding or empathy. I can only speak to the truth, and I know that unforgiveness for a crime done to you only serves to keep you in bondage to that crime. Forgiveness is the only way of release for the victim and the perpetrator. That much I know. Now are we to say this is true in all cases but sexual assault? I’m inclined to say there are no exceptions. For someone to bring up something that happened to them 17 years ago tells me they have not been released from that event. How long is she going to sing that song.

    Now I know this is a very sensitive subject and I’m probably treading where I have no business to be, but I’d love to hear some of your comments on this.

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