An army of Grace Turned Outward


We’ve been talking a lot about MemberPartners lately. That’s because our MemberPartners are the key to the Catch Ministry. They are the ones who believe in our vision — Introducing the Gospel of Welcome — Grace Turned Outward — to Everyone, Everywhere — and are committed to making it happen by any way and any means. They believe it can be done. They are not afraid to think big, to be imaginative, and to take risks.

That’s why every person who becomes a MemberPartner increases the heartbeat of the Catch Ministry. You become partners in a paradigm shift in worldview like no other group of believers. This is because our message is expressed in practical terms throughout the marketplace: The kingdom of our lives, which is the Lord’s, is an integrated and sustainable message of liberty.

The core of this transformational message is Grace Turned Outward. It is the solid foundational message that makes the Catch Ministry’s initiatives sustainable. The Grace Turned Outward message is transforming individuals throughout the marketplace in 143 countries throughout the world, which is causing great change and growth by simple multiplication — one person at a time. This ongoing work is successful because of our MemberPartners’ involvement in the Catch Ministry and their monthly contributions in support of the work. 

This message is integrated into the very fabric of the ministry’s services.  Affecting this large of a change is creating a synergy and requires a comprehensive approach that includes thought leaders, the implementation of a practical and widely-circulated program of studies, and multiple services for practical application that represent together the full scope of the message — Grace Turned Outward. You will see major growth in all of these areas this year.

The Catch Ministry’s expansion is real. It is real because it is the Lord who is fulfilling His message wherever we go, and we want to be tied into whatever the Lord is doing, because everything He does always expands. It is the Lord in us and the Lord through us.

We are an army of grace in the world carrying the Gospel of Welcome to everyone  we meet. We are turning God’s amazing grace to us outward to everyone, everywhere.

This year — 2020 — we are taking what we have — what God has given us — and making it bigger. This is not a time to think small. It’s not a time to shrink back and be comfortable. It’s a time to step out, believing, and see what God can do. God is raising up an army of grace — an army of Grace Turned Outward. Are you in? We’re counting on you to be not just a spectator, but a fighter in this army. To take up the weapons of love and mercy, kindness and justice, against which no power in heaven or on earth can prevail.

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1 Response to An army of Grace Turned Outward

  1. Mark D Seguin says:

    Love this: “We are an army of grace in the world carrying the Gospel of Welcome to everyone ..”

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