Everyone’s welcome. Some have other plans.


Everyone’s welcome. This is the Gospel of Welcome and everyone’s welcome. And we mean everyone. Every color, every race, every religion and none, every sexual preference (LGBTQ and you can add XYZ if you want to — they’re welcome, too) every nationality, every disability — everyone, including any category of humanity I’ve left out. Everyone’s welcome.

The only exceptions to “everyone” are those who stand at the door and want to keep certain people out. They are the only ones who aren’t getting in, and that’s simply because they don’t want to be there. They don’t see themselves as sinners, so they wouldn’t want to be there anyway. And as soon as they see who’s there, they will want to be somewhere else. (These are the sad people who are excluding themselves right out of the kingdom of God. At least they won’t be disappointed. They won’t want to be a part of the kingdom of God anyway as soon as they get wind of who is.) They’re going to be in their own kind of private hell because it’s all about them — always was, always will be. And that’s the way they want it.

There aren’t many qualifiers to everyone being welcome, but here is one: To get in, you have to wipe your feet on the welcome mat, and then, you have to be the welcome mat for others. That’s right: people will wipe their feet on you. That’s because we only touch the human heart when we are humbled. We become real when we are brought low. Let everyone else wipe their humanity on you; that’s okay. It’s good, actually. It’s what makes us one with each other. We’re all a bunch of derelicts saved by grace. Welcome home. Jesus laid Himself down for all of us; we lay ourselves down for each other, because others are more important than we are.

And everyone’s welcome. (It’s just that some have other plans.)

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4 Responses to Everyone’s welcome. Some have other plans.

  1. Mark D Seguin says:

    A great opening paragraph & Catch today Pastor John!

    Hopefully & prayerfully my cousin & childhood best buddy who is gay & owns a Lesbian Nigh club here in Detroit reads it on Facebook.

    God’s speed & bless the Gospel of Welcome!

  2. Lisa in Sunland says:

    Hoping the next Catch might expand on…. welcome to what? Welcome to our love, respect, friendship, patience, understanding, listening, caring and all other positive thoughts and behaviors? Absolutely. But a welcome to heaven does have another requirement which is only through Jesus, so that couldn’t be “all religions.” While working so hard to be like Him, we need to remember the importance of belief in Him. That belief is not necessary to be worthwhile as a person, of course, but it is in order to be with God forever. But yes, that first step is a hearty and sincere “welcome to my life” so that those we welcome may be open to eventually hear about Him who makes us so welcoming.
    Blessings on ya!

  3. Sandra Kunze says:

    Words in one of John’s old songs…”Jesus is the only way – but there’s more than one way to Jesus.” There are a multitude of crooked paths to The Cross.
    I totally agree with you that we ourselves need to actually be the welcome Jesus extends. I may never see an individual give their life to Jesus, but God forbid that I would be a stumbling block; that I would uproot the seed that someone previously planted or mess up the ground, making it difficult for seeds to be planted after me.

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