How to wash your hands in a pandemic

This just in … Catch member comes up with the perfect hand-washing technique for these coronavirus-sensitive days.


Frequent hand washing has been recommended as one of the simple practices we can perform to reduce our chances of contracting the virus. Experts say at least 20 seconds of scrubbing with soap and hot water will do the job. But how long is 20 seconds? Someone said it takes 20 seconds to sing Happy Birthday, but I’m getting real tired of that, besides, who do I sing it to? Whoever pops into my mind? I sang it to Donald for a while (as in “Trump.”) That was actually not a bad idea because I said a little prayer for him at the same time.

But then a brilliant member of our team discovered that the chorus to my best-known song, “Love Him in the Morning” was exactly 20 seconds long, and I’ve been using that ever since.

Love Him in the morning when you see the sun a-risin’

Love Him in the evening ‘cause He took you through the day

And in the in-between-time when you feel the pressure comin’

Remember that He loves you and He promises to stay

It’s a comfort to be reminded that the Lord is with us through all of this. Nothing is taking Him by surprise. God remains in control in spite of the uncertainty we live with. He is guiding us morning ’til night, and He has promised to never leave us or forsake us. Never. That’s a good thing to remember when it seems like everything is flying apart. Just keep track of how many times you sing it. I expect royalties!

Tonight we will hold our second Wednesday night International Video Conferencing Bible Study and Body Life Service via Zoom. I added “Body Life” because I want you to know that we can do this. We can experience life in the body of Christ online from the safety of our own homes. This is more than running a program online; it is experiencing real “church” where we reach out to each other and share our gifts with one another.

When I first came to Peninsula Bible Church in Palo Alto, California as a young man fresh out of college,  I came to intern at a church where the lead pastor, Ray Stedman, had been teaching for some time from Ephesians 4 and 1 Corinthians 12 about the church and how it was the members of the church who were gifted by God to carry out the ministry and the pastors were there to equip them to do that. After years of teaching these principles, he and the rest of the staff and elders got together and basically said, What are we going to do about this? When, in our regular oneway services, do our people get a chance to minister to each other? And so they came up with a format for a “Body Life” service on Sunday nights where anyone can take part in sharing a need, asking for prayer, bringing a word, telling a story — and any needs that were mentioned, as much as possible, were met then and there by the people in that room. The pastor in charge merely directed traffic. The rest is history and a book written by Ray called Body Life.

We’ve already been successful at this at our Facebook live Church on Sunday nights so now, with a Zoom format, it will be even easier for anyone to take part. So come. Spread the word. It’s at 6 pm PDT tonight. We’ll be going over the Ephesians 4 passage from which body life was born. Don’t be late; we only have 40 minutes. Getting on is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Go to 
  2. Click on Start with Browser (or you can download the extension, but that is not required)
  3. Type in your name and click join

Can’t wait to see you!

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15 Responses to How to wash your hands in a pandemic

  1. Mark D Seguin says:

    Love this truth: “God remains in control in spite of the uncertainty we live with.” Amen!

  2. Bob Pusey says:

    I’ve been thinking all week about the passage we studied last week . Love covering and preventing my own sin as well as forbearing and forgiving others. Also finding creative ways to show hospitality and serve others. I have been able to help my neighbor by walking her dog, call a widower who is locked in, host two children in our home, while their mom is at the hospital with her husband who is ill, and my wife is busy sewing surgical masks for nurses in local hospitals who have none. I hope tonight will also bring much fruit to bear in the coming week. “The kingdom of God is like yeast and we are seeing grow and spread during this time.

  3. Who loves puzzles and riddles?
    That’s another area of joy for me – at least when I solve them!

    So here’s one for you:

    Someone’s mother has four sons. North, South and East. What is the name of the fourth son. Write your guess for the fourth son’s name below.


  4. Not WHAT but HOW you want to be when you grow up.

    Here’s Steve Hartman’s third lesson in Kindness 101.
    Today’s class is about: Friendship.
    School is now in session.


  5. Ruth says:

    I had totally forgotten this wonderful chorus that you sang st a Focus camp many years ago. Thanks for the great reminder.

  6. Suzan says:

    Our pastor recommended saying the Lord’s Prayer while hand washing. Praying and singing are great ways to spend those many 20 second (or more) increments.

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