A funny thing happened on the way to the Catch


This was to be the first day of something on the lighter side this week just to try and counteract all the negative news going down. Not that we want to put our heads in the sand and pretend something isn’t there when it obviously is. It’s just that this negative news is going to be around for a while, and if we lighten up for a little bit, plenty of bad news will be still waiting around for our attention when we are ready to give it.

We were playing with the not too creative title: “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Catch.” And you know, something did happen on the way to the Catch today: I overslept.  On the way to the Catch this morning, I kept hitting the snooze button on my phone. They make it too easy; it’s a big orange button in the middle of my screen — easy to find; easy to hit — so that I ended up getting up a full two hours later than the time set. That was due to very late nights all weekend including last night. As you know, the pandemic is impacting many within our community, drastically changing how the Ministry operates. We are adapting as fast as we can to respond to the increasing demand for assistance as our volunteers donate increased hours of needed professional expertise in many areas and necessitating that we work all weekend, into the early morning hours.

So that means I hit the button twelve times. I guess that’s kind of funny, especially when you consider that Marti sleeps through this whole thing. It’s a good thing because Marti hasn’t been sleeping very well lately. I know she’s had a rough night when I wake up and her feet are on my pillow.

Marti’s nights have been interrupted a lot lately by leg pain so that her best sleep comes in the early morning. Her means of dealing with this is me. Waking me up to massage her legs so she can go back to sleep. I can do this now without actually fully waking up. The way Marti knows this is how my bizarre dreams can invade my middle-of-the-night reality, like the time a couple of nights ago when I was frustrated because I couldn’t find the zipper on my boxer shorts. Of course Marti was enjoying this too much to wake me up to the fact that zippers are on pants, not boxer shorts.

The other cure for Marti’s leg pain that actually works sometimes is a “Proven Old Amish Formula” called “Stops Leg & Foot Cramps in About One Minute.” That’s the actual name of the product. Actually, it’s two minutes: (“from 20 to 120 seconds average,” it says.) You can take it internally or rub it into the affected area — either way works, but drinking this stuff is at your own risk in that it is “made from certified organic apple cider vinegar and all-natural ginger and garlic juice … blended in just the right proportions.” Not exactly what you want to be sipping before going to bed (or maybe at any time!).

So here we are trying to make the best of this while looking for something funny. Maybe tomorrow I’ll be funnier. 

[Note to MemberPartners and PrayerPartners: For all the reasons above, we are sad to say we did not get to complete our “It’s Friday” mailing. Look for it next week, and pray … pray for people to stop fighting and come together, for men and women of God to rise up and be humble servants after the manner of Jesus, who came not to be ministered unto, but to minister — not to be served but to serve.]



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7 Responses to A funny thing happened on the way to the Catch

  1. Mark D Seguin says:

    Got a few chuckles from Today’s Catch b/c I too slept in and found out I don’t need two of Amway / Nutrilite’s new, n* product of “sweet dreams” gummy’s, one is more than enough.. LOL

    PS I believe there’s a vitamin / supplement they Nutrlite makes that’s would be all natural & organic if Marti would like I could look into it? That helps w/ muscle cramps..

  2. Paul Sonkowsky says:

    Apple cider vinegar, ginger, and garlic juice had better be blended in just the right proportions, or they might remove from me any desire to sleep. 😅

  3. Tim Bowman says:

    Pickle juice works for me for removing leg cramps. It may be an old wives tale, but it works for me.


    03:31 this morning:
    “Mew. Mew. Mew.”

    Oh crap, why is the cat meowing outside our bedroom door? (Roll over)

    “Mew. Mew. Meow. Meow.”

    Maybe if I lie still, my wife will hear him and get up. (Roll back over)

    “Meow. Meow. Meeow. Meeoow!”

    Oh c’mon, couldn’t you wait another 30-minutes after my alarm went off?
    Wife’s not stirring. She’s probably trying to wait me out, I’ll bet.

    Skritch-skritch, scratch-scratch at the door.
    “Mew. MEW. MEOW. MEEO…”

    Heavy sigh audible enough for both cat and wife to hear my displeasure.
    Roll out of bed. Stare at the clock. Mutter, mutter, grumble, grumble…

    Open the door and cat flops onto his back meowing, “Pet me, Pet me. I’m cute and I want your attention and I know you want to rub my belly. Pet me.”

    I’ll pet you alright.
    I hoist cat up none-too-gently so he’s lying in my arms facing up.
    Cat doesn’t object. Obviously he is not perceptive of my annoyance.
    Cat paws playfully at my beard and purrs, “This is great! It’s playtime!”

    “Out you go,” I say as I toss cat out the front door.
    “Oooh, it’s playtime outside at night!” he meows as he excitedly heads into the yard.

    “Hmmm”, I grumble to myself, “It’s silly to try to get more sleep now… darn cat.”

    Then I notice that the skies are clear – somewhat peculiar for the Seattle area.
    Wonder if I can see that comet that’s been in the news recently?

    Oh my Lord!
    THAT is so amazing!
    Must get my binoculars.

    OH MY LORD!!!

    Wait. What’s that I hear from the yard?
    “Mew. Mew. Mew.”

    Thank you, Father, for sending the cat to wake up the crab to see your comet.

  5. jwfisch says:

    Ha! Mr Cat knew. “Grab your binoculars, dumbo and get out here! There’s a comet coming! Smart cat.

  6. Brenda Mosher says:

    I was a hairdresser for most of my life. And have suffered with foot pain and leg pain. I keep a massage wand next to the bed and before turning in each night, I use it, mostly on my feet. After only about 2 min, the pain subsides. It is like a miracle to me! Maybe Marti could try it!

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