‘Do you know Jesus?’


It’s all about Jesus.

Let’s simplify and clarify the religious playing field in this country. It’s easy to do. It’s Jesus, or something else. It’s Jesus, or it’s religion. It’s Jesus, or it’s politics. It’s Jesus, or it’s evangelicals do this and evangelicals do that.

Just look at this term: “the white evangelical vote.”  What does the white evangelical vote have to do with Jesus? Little or nothing.

Ask a career politician who claims to be a Christian and caters to Christian causes if they know Jesus and see what you get. I wonder.

Ask voters who claim to be Christians — even evangelicals — if they know Jesus and I wonder what you would get.

Ask the parents who drop their kids of at Christian schools if they know Jesus. I wonder. For that matter, ask those who attend evangelical churches if they know Jesus and it may be a challenging question for some.

On the other hand, ask Maria, a Catholic and the Mexican housekeeper of an elderly friend of mine, if she knows Jesus, and you will find out, “Oh my yes, she does!”

I’m not trying to put anybody down here. I am not the judge of who knows and who does not know Jesus. I am merely trying to cut through the smokescreen of cultural Christianity in this country right now. “Do you know Jesus?” is a much different question than, “Are you a Christian?” or “Are you born again?” or “Would you consider yourself an evangelical?”

“Do you know Jesus?” is simply a question that acknowledges that Christianity is a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Who has such a relationship? Well … you’ll have to ask.

Marti and I have been reading a book on cultural Christianity and politics, and after 271 pages of this, I’m really not sure if anyone we’ve been reading about knows Jesus. At least so far, it doesn’t seem to be an issue. No one’s asking the question. So many other things seem more important.

How about you? Do you know Jesus? It’s important, because, when all is said and done, it’s the only thing that will matter, because it’s all about Jesus.

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Raymond is a Millennial who has earned a bachelor’s degree in Organizational Communication (2008) and master’s degree in Spiritual Formation (2011) from George Fox University. He also completed a Diversity and Inclusion Certificate (2019) from Cornell University. Raymond currently works as a Program Specialist for Multnomah County Department of Human Services (Portland, Oregon) and AFSCME Local 88 Vice President for a union of 3,387 workers in his hometownRaymond strives to offer hope when it is lost.  He holds an unwavering belief in the need to value and elevate the marginalized and disenfranchised. Those who have been overlooked can count on finding Raymond in their corner. 
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4 Responses to ‘Do you know Jesus?’

  1. Mark D Seguin says:

    Love the last paragraph! (After all of the Political BS!)

    “How about you? Do you know Jesus? It’s important, because, when all is said and done, it’s the only thing that will matter, because it’s all about Jesus.”

  2. Wayne C Bridegroom says:

    Knowing Jesus doesn’t mean a one time prayer. It’s more like marriage – growing and growing and growing into deeper intimacy, companionship and mutual joy.

  3. Stan KLASSEN says:

    A very heart-searching question that must be answered by each of us, including ourselves. I think perhaps it’s the very nub of the issue. Also a great challenge.

    The prolific interneter

    Sent from my iPad


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