Lambert Dolphin, space and time traveler


“Jesus is running the whole universe so we have to let Him run our lives too.”

         – Lambert Dolphin from the instantly famous BlogTalkRadio interview

Our Catch today is going to be a little different. Your Catch is to listen to our 30-minute interview with Lambert Dolphin. Lambert Dolphin is an 88-year-old scientist who knows more about the universe than all of you and me put together and he loves God with a passion.

Here are just a few things Lambert knows about:

  • Auroral radar clutter, meteor trail communication, lunar radar reflections.
  • Ionospheric physics and radio propagation studies
  • Natural and artificial ionospheric effects
  • Rocket launch and re-entry trail phenomenology
  • Over-the-Horizon radar development
  • Radar and communications effects from high altitude nuclear explosions
  • Very high RF power generation by spark gap switching techniques
  • Ball lightning and Nikola Tesla studies
  • Electromagnetic propagation in the earth
  • Development of ground penetrating radar (GPR) systems
  • Electrical and gravity methods in geophysics
  • Electrical methods for underwater detection and location
  • High frequency seismic sounding for archaeology and geophysics
  • Computer conference on unusual geological features on Mars
  • Geophysical methods applied to archaeology: Egypt, Israel, and the US
  • Tomographic HF methods for location of plastic utility pipes
  • Measurements-while-drilling (MWD) technology
  • Geophysical methods for tunneling machine technology

He’s traveled the world, and allegedly been to heaven and back; he’s supremely curious and has tried out all the major religions and all the major drugs, especially the mind-altering ones like LSD; he’s been to the dark side, and he ended up with Jesus. He’s come back from a lot of places you don’t want to even think about going to. You owe it to yourself to listen to this interview. Let Lambert Dolphin help you recapture the simplicity and straight-forward clarity of the gospel and the word of God.

Since our interview has already been recorded, you can go to it right now; you don’t have to wait until 6 o’clock Pacific. Just click here and hang onto your hat.

Lambert Dolphin received an AB degree with high honors in physics and distinction in mathematics from San Diego State University in June 1954. After two years of graduate study in Physics and Electrical Engineering at Stanford University, (1954-1956), he joined the staff of SRI International (formerly Stanford Research Institute), in Menlo Park, California where he remained almost continuously for the next 30 years. He left his position at SRI as a Senior Research Physicist in 1987 to pursue small-scale independent geophysical consulting services, and to devote the bulk of his time to Bible teaching, writing and Christian counseling.

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5 Responses to Lambert Dolphin, space and time traveler

  1. All right, so again my speed reading skills warped – or enhanced? – my synapse and, yet, they gobsmacked me between the eyes!

    Initially, I read Dolphin’s quote above as “Jesus is RUINING the whole universe…” and then I had to say, “Whaaaa???!!!”

    Now, I confess, I haven’t listened to the interview yet and cannot commit myself to doing so at this moment, but my misreading, after a little introspection, made perfect sense to me.

    For someone who has experienced the mind-expansion theories espoused by Timothy Leary and, perhaps, embraced the philosophies certain others like the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi – I, admit, I PRESUME all of that by your second paragraph – it seems reasonable that Mr. Dolphin might have a little more Godly insight than most of the other “academics” and “teachers” schlepping through their careers as “God’s spokespeople.”

    So anyway….

    “Jesus is RUINING the universe…”

    Yes. How true that is.
    At least for those who rigidly believe that their personal universe is the only universe that matters.

    Sometimes, a personal misperception leads to a greater understanding of the Bigger Picture. Now, on to the interview with Doctor Dolphin.

    Shalom, Peace…

  2. Mark D Seguin says:

    Very interesting listening & man!

  3. Jeno Smith says:

    Writing from Birmingham this morning and sending warm regards to you, Marti and the Catch Community … . Several weeks ago you posed a question about song that help us through in these unusual times (paraphrased. I’ve been thinking around that. This morning I came across one: “Shed a Little Light” by James Taylor.

    Yes, hope comes from the East coast, too 🙂

    Grace and Peace,


  4. jwfisch says:

    Ah yes, that’s a good one. Love J.T. I do get to the east coast but I need an invitation. Why not get someone to invite me?

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