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I listened again this morning to Lambert Dolphin’s interview from yesterday, and my wife asked me what I liked the most about it. I like that this man has a vast knowledge of the universe, both from his study of outer space to the study of the earth from a geophysical standpoint, a vast store of experiences from major religions to mind-altering drugs, to life in 20 different dimensions including a brush with heaven, and some time spent on the dark side, and in the end, at 88 years old, he is consumed with talking about Jesus, the importance of the word of God, and intimacy with Christ and those in the body of Christ. Basically everything we talk about here at the Catch.

I see him as sort of a modern day Solomon. He’s like a walking book of Ecclesiastes. He’s been everywhere and tried everything and come up with the same conclusion Solomon came up with: that the best thing to do is love God and keep His commandments. Finding any meaning or purpose in life aside from that is a lesson in total futility.

But in that — in loving God and keeping His commandments — is everything. His vitality is infectious. I think Lambert would like for us to experience his faith and vitality now and not wait until we’re 88 (if we get that far). Besides, he and I have a 2-hour appointment to talk in heaven. Can’t wait. Not only that, but we may have a two-hour appointment to talk in Santa Clara, California with Chandler. (Chandler and Lambert are on the same wavelength spiritually. I hope to get them together).

For further research into his life and works, visit his website at He also welcomes email and claims he answers all who write him. So if you’re interested in that, his address is

I think I’m going to adopt Lambert as our patron saint!

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  1. Mark D Seguin says:

    “… adopt Lambert as our patron saint!” Amen & second it!

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