On the Road Again


I can hear Willie Nelson’s stringy voice as we get in the car and head north after only a day’s respite between road trips. “On the road again.” This time I’m with Chandler and we are headed to Sacramento and other destinations west as we seek out a path for his future. Our primary first stop will be an academy in Sacramento that prepares you for a career as a fish and wildlife game warden. And on the way back we will visit various colleges that offer the type of classes he will need to enter this program.

Our first unexpected surprise however was snow last night on what is called the Grapevine, the pass through the mountains north of Los Angeles. Yes, snow. Not a lot, but enough to snarl traffic down the back side of the mountain with cars and semis creeping along and me, gripping the handle above my window even though Chandler drove incredibly well, but faster than I would have gone. He was confident in our four-wheel drive and his ability to navigate in and around slower traffic. And I have great confidence in him, but still, when you’re not in control, it’s much more fearful than if you are doing the driving. Looking back, I was in good hands and could have relaxed a lot more. It’s a little like trusting God.

During this leg of our trip we listened to Kanye West’s recent album for which he received a gospel grammy, “Jesus is King.” No doubt about where this guy’s faith is. It caused me to do a little research into his life and music. And I found the following.

During a surprise appearance at Jimmy Kimmel Live! to discuss his album, “Jesus is King,” West was asked by Kimmel if he would consider himself to be a Christian music artist now that he had committed himself fully to Christianity, and he replied, “I’m just a Christian everything.”

Well now, I have to say, I’m somewhat taken by that. I’m definitely against using “Christian” as an adjective as in “Christian” music, or in this case, “Christian” artist, preferring to refer to someone as a Christian who is a musician or an artist. But I think there is something brilliant in West’s reply. If you’re going to use “Christian” as an adjective, then use it for everything. I like that. It echoes a statement by British author and theologian Harry Blamires, who coined the phrase, “thinking Christianly” about everything. He and Kanye West would have gotten along well.

Check out The Christian Mind by Harry Blamires. It’s a classic.


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