Knowing what you don’t know


Chandler is a leader. He may not have all the tools, or know how to use them, but that doesn’t matter. He leads anyway by sheer will. I am also constantly surprised by how much he knows. He will enter into conversations on various topics and engage with understanding to where I will have to ask him later to bring me up to speed on the discussion. I realize I’ve made excuses for him because of his learning disability that he hasn’t made for himself. I’ve got to get on board with this kid; I’ve got a lot of catching up to do.

I wonder how much harm we do thinking we know someone by their limitations when we really don’t know them at all, or at least not very well.

Mark MacDonald, our BlogTalkRadio guest last night, talked about three “C’s” of interaction. Curiosity is the first one. Curiosity encourages us to explore what we don’t know about someone versus staying locked in with what we do. This goes for everyone including married couples who have been married for years. Stay curious. Think of what you have yet to find out about someone.

Then there is Courage. It takes courage to go forward — to not be satisfied with what we already know, but to push on to greater understanding. Courage to know more — to be vulnerable and willing to admit what we don’t know. Be courageous.

And finally, there is Care & Compassion. Is that any surprise? Sound a little like grace turned outward? Exercise care and compassion because of the grace God has bestowed upon you.

We’ve got a chance to go deeper with all our relationships today. Let’s not stop with what we know. Let’s have courage to be curious. So much more to know. So much deeper to go.

MemberPartner Keith Palau has invited us all to attend the live streaming of a Memorial Service for his dad, evangelist Luis Palau who passed away last Thursday. The service is this Saturday at 2pm Pacific and the link can be found at

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