No Church Tonight

In the interest of providing family time to celebrate Mother’s Day, we are canceling our regular Sunday night meeting. And to help you gather your thoughts around Mom, we are including two poems. One contains lyrics to a song John wrote about his mother, the other is a brief interview and a poem read by the author, Beverly Cunningham.

The Corner of Her Eye
On a park bench she sat looking
At the trees that lined the hill
Trying hard to find the words
When she knows she never will
So she watched the sad leaves shimmer
All innocent and shy
As she caught the golden sunset
In the corner of the sky

And I sat there with her wondering
Though she did not know my name
If she could see me smiling
And love me just the same
And I thought I saw a glimmer
Of all the years gone by
As I caught the golden sunset
In the corner of her eye

She didn’t have to say it
Didn’t even have to try‘
Cause she said it for a lifetime
From the corner of her eye

Now she dances by my window
But I cannot let her in
Or recreate the feeling
Of her touch upon my skin
Still I see a ray come shining
From across a broken sky
Like that gleam of reassurance
From the corner of her eye

She didn’t have to say it
Didn’t even have to try
‘Cause she said it for a lifetime
From the corner of her eye

There is a place of total honesty and purity — a place where, in spite of dysfunction and the frailties of human nature, love and truth reign. It is a place where mothers keep all their hopes and dreams for their children hidden, and once in a while, you get to glimpse it there. This is the place where the glimpse comes from — from the corner of her eye. She can turn her head slightly and you can see it. It is a place of utter trust and assurance — where everything is alright, in spite of everything around us that isn’t. 

I think all mothers have a place like this.

It is an all-knowing place — a place where there is no doubt or question. A place where God shines through.

It is a place of great strength and certainty — utter backbone — but it is also a soft, tender place. There is no fear in this place. Fear does not exist here.

It is always there if you look hard enough, and if she knows you need it, she will show it to you. Because she keeps it for you forever in the corner of her eye.

MemberPartners Dave and Patti Kelley’s son, Thatcher, is a film maker. He captures the beating heart. He walked with Marti one night as they invited the women she knows without homes to tell their stories. Their goal was not to get the story, but to get them in the story. We invite you to click on this link to discover one of the many women without homes. Her name is Beverly Cunningham. She wrote and reads a poem titled Through the Eyes of a Child. We strongly recommend you take a few minutes to receive from Beverly a very special Mother’s Day gift. 


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1 Response to No Church Tonight

  1. Sally says:

    Through the Eyes of a Child–beautiful, the best Mother’s Day gift I received. All moms–>make sure you watch this video!

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