Jamaica in Chico



This was one of my most memorable Father’s Days. That comes as somewhat of a surprise because I wasn’t with my family. But I was with one of my children, so I felt like a dad. Chandler and I were in Chico, California, getting familiar with what, Lord willing, will become his home in the fall as he begins attending Butte College, about 12 miles outside of town, where a special training program sponsored by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife has caught his eye. Chandler wants to be a game warden.

So, after checking out a dozen apartments, we were ready to head back home when we passed this colorful shack on the side of the road and a sign over the door for Sipho’s Jamaican Restaurant caught Chandler’s eye. Without thinking, he slammed on the brakes, backed up, and announced we were going to eat here, which we did.  We had a marvelous time, but for the 104-degree temperature and no air conditioning — yet that somehow made it feel like we had gone to Jamaica. We did, actually … Jamaica in Chico.

Seriously. Who could have had a better Father’s Day? Well, certainly if I could have had my other son and his family and my daughter in from Hawaii, that would have been splendid. But the family has already decided; we’ll be getting with Christopher and his family next weekend, so I’ll have two Father’s Days.

But here’s the special part about this. Who would have ever thought about this place? I didn’t wake up and announce I wanted to find a Jamaican restaurant for Father’s Day. Farthest thing from our minds. And who would have thought this place would catch Chandler’s eye? We were in the middle of nowhere. We weren’t thinking about restaurants. This was clearly organized by our social organizer, the Holy Spirit. And you’re thinking: What does God care about this? Well, He cares a lot. When Marti and I were dating, this kind of thing happened quite often. We’d come upon something we never would have thought of that turned out to be very special. We used to joke about the fact that God held our social calendar. And why not?

I thoroughly enjoyed that dinner and the time with Chandler, being conscious, the whole time, that God was up to something, and this was it.



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7 Responses to Jamaica in Chico

  1. kellief4 says:

    Some of the best things are not planned. Actually, most of the best thing are not planned! Happy Father’s Day!

  2. Mark D Seguin says:

    Happy late Father’s Day, Pastor John & sounds like you & Chandler had a good time!

  3. Jimmy says:

    Happy Father’s Day x2!

  4. Toni Petrella says:

    It is always the best to try something like that a bit different without planning. God wants each of us to be flexible even though at times we may feel this is kind of strange. Planning too much can get rather dull at times. Like yesterday, my husband wanted to make his lasagna despite it being Father’s Day and each year he don’t cook on that day and I usually get some kind of takeout. Oh well despite the fact it is rather hot here and even though we have good air inside still that dish is more for the cooler weather but, this made him happy and the Lord likes to see us happy and we will finish the rest tomorrow. Finally, Happy belated Father’s Day to you Mr Fisher.

  5. jwfisch says:

    Thank you, Toni.

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