‘You really gotta get out more’


Thanks to Sandy, Toni, Gail, Nick, John, Liz, Lyn, Phillip, Merlyn, Bob, Lisa and Jill for their comments on yesterday’s Catch. As Phillip pointed out, we are all very busy and don’t always get to all our emails so that some people don’t respond just because they never saw it. I realize that, and that is why, when I think I have something very important for everyone to see, I will repeat it or mention it in subsequent emails. This is one of those times so if you haven’t read yesterday’s Catch, please do so, and please include your comments on line or to me privately by replying to any Catch sent to you by email. 

We are talking this week about going out. One of our Millennials pointed out that Boomers have a tendency as they go up in age to go inward in terms of focus. As the world gets more and more chaotic and life grows shorter, the temptation is to eschew everything outside and stay inside where it’s safe and comfortable, and many are already in retirement and pretty much disengaged from the outside world anyway. For that reason, he insisted that Boomers instead should make themselves go downward in age (with Millennials and GenX and Z) and outward in direction into the world. 

That’s exactly what we are talking about doing here at the Catch, especially as we remember that Jesus was crucified outside the camp and Hebrews 13:13 encourages us to go out there and meet Him, and share in His disgrace. That may not sound like a lot of fun, but it is when you consider we also meet the grace of God outside the camp, a grace we can turn outward to all whom we meet. That’s the real church — people who are aware of their disgrace, but are constantly aware of the grace of God who loves them and gave His Son for them.

This is what witnessing is like as a Christian. It’s like standing up in an A.A. meeting and announcing, “Hi. I’m John, and I’m a sinner.” And those gathered around you answer approvingly, “Hi, John,” as if to say, “We know. We get it. We’re sinners too.” And yet the grace of God reaches us all here. 

You see, if you aren’t continually focusing on your sin AND your forgiveness, you soon get the impression that sin is no longer an issue, and then you are only a few steps from never mentioning sin anymore, and then assuming we are all righteous, it’s only one quick sidestep to being self-righteous, and thinking other people are the ones who really need Jesus. And from there it really gets ugly, with arrogance and bigotry, racism, misogyny, demonizing everyone who doesn’t agree with you, insisting on being 100% right, and on and on. And where did all this start? A failure to meet up with and address one’s own sin.

So this can be solved. Make your way outside where the sinners are (so you will be where you belong). Outside where other tribes and other races are equal, where privileged and underprivileged are the same, where strangers and foreigners are welcome and sin abounds, but grace much more abounds.

All I can say is, “If none of this is resonating with you, you really gotta get out more.”

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4 Responses to ‘You really gotta get out more’

  1. It’s easy for me to think that “sharing in His disgrace” is reserved for the spiritual giants, that those who are really advanced in their commitment to Christ are the ones who will bear it. But Hebrews says it’s also for a messed up character like me. I belong “out there” in the unclean zone, with my fellow sinners, however different from or similar to me they may be. And it seems to be something I must keep grabbing ahold of, because it’s easy to retreat back to the comfortable place of ignoring my own sin, and judging others.

  2. Toni Petrella says:

    I can relate to making that statement to folks I know and especially in my family about the AA moment. I have been sober for a little over ten years now and thru the Grace of God each day I stay that way but, have been tempted a few times but, never really cured just one day at a time like embracing our Lord each day and never forget the sacrifice. So true about needing Jesus whether our lives are not as complicated as others or going down a path that is not good. The moment we start putting ourselves above anyone with the belief we live such a great life and someone needs the Lord more well ego takes over and we lose that faith that led us to the Savior in the first place and we are not relating to others as we should now and always. We all need the Lord thru the good ,bad, and especially confusing. Thanks for great messages over the years. Cannot say that enough.

  3. Billy Isidoro says:

    I gotta get out more…🙃

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