Grace, starring Jesus


Let us, then, go to him outside the camp, bearing the disgrace he bore. Hebrews 13:13

Here’s why it is so important for us to go outside the camp and bear the disgrace Jesus bore. Without that, people will get the wrong idea about us and about what a Christian is. 

Our lives are the canvas on which the gospel is painted. Will our picture tell the truth about ourselves, or will it lie? Will people see us as people like them who struggle, fail, do bad things, make mistakes and need forgiveness, or do they see us as a group that is too good to be part of? If you share in His disgrace, then grace makes sense. If you have no disgrace, then who needs grace? Christians who are doing just fine don’t have a message. Grace only makes sense to the disgraceful. 

For as long as I can remember, Christians have tried to make a good impression on others for the sake of the gospel. Our commendable lives were supposed to give us the opportunity to point people to Christ. Turns out our “commendable” lives only drive us further away. We present ourselves as someone no one could ever to be. If our message is Christ, others need to know why we need Him, and they’ll know that when they see us for who we really are. So forget the impression; grace works among the disgraced.

And grace is present-tense. It isn’t something that you needed yesterday when you became a Christian. Grace is something you need right now this minute because without it you are such an a-hole. You know it and those around you know it. How much you need grace right now is the most important part of your message. Your story stars Jesus. When you bear the disgrace He bore, He is the one who gets the credit for the grace you have received instead. 

When you are the star of you, no one gets anything but you. When Jesus is the star of you, you are turning grace outward. Your story — my story — is all about bearing the disgrace He bore and turning His grace outward.

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4 Responses to Grace, starring Jesus

  1. John Fagliano says:

    So this is how the credits should look:
    The Story of Me
    Starring Jesus Christ
    Co-starring Me
    Also featuring everyone else in my life
    Written by God The Father (His plan for me as it unfolds)
    Directed by The Holy Spirit
    Edited by No One (Sorry but God does not edit out sins and mistakes made by myself or others. You’ll have to watch it all to get the whole story)

  2. jwfisch says:

    I love this! Coming to a theater near you!

  3. Toni Petrella says:

    Great message and good idea to have the picture of some stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame to help make a point. One song that always got to me and whether you came forward to become a Christian accepting Christ as your personal savior or hearing this song later realizing you always need his Grace each and every day is titled Just As I Am. That song tells it like it is with each of us whether coming to the Lord the first time or staying with the Lord each and every day. I have so many fond memories of the Grace of God and that song.

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