‘Take A Chance On Me’

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I think John is a pioneer. I know Marti is. Are there others? Are there older, wiser people out there who are willing to invest in me, believe in me, and actually take a risk on me? I have yet to meet anyone like that in any church I have attended. — A Millennial

I read this quote from a Millennial in our community and immediately thought of the ABBA song, “Take A Chance On Me.” 

Now I’m about the farthest thing from an ABBA fan as anyone could possibly be, but they do write songs with great hooks, which is probably why I thought of it, and probably why it is now playing in your head, too. Sorry, but you’ll most likely have it there for the rest of the day. And so, to make good use of it, why not let it remind you to try risking a relationship with someone who is different from you — a different age group, or a different ethnicity, or a different race or religion, or a different political party? 

Here at the Catch, we are seeking to become the voice of Christ to the Millennials. So if you are a Boomer, I’d like to encourage you to take a chance on a Millennial, and if you are a Millennial — why not take a chance on a Boomer? We have so much to gain from each other — so much to gain from someone different. This is a huge problem in our society right now. We all stay isolated in our little enclaves and we only expose ourselves to those who bolster what we already think. We never even hear the other side.

I saw an amazing video a while ago which was an experiment where a handful of right-wing Republicans were guests for two weeks in the homes of left-wing Democrats and vice versa. The end result, in every case, was that they became close friends. They didn’t necessarily change their points of view, but they understood the other side better, and why they believe what they believe. With our culture so fragmented, it’s so easy to stay where it’s safe. No one wants to take a chance on anyone different.

One of our Boomers put it this way: “We have a hard time thinking we have to risk or put ourselves out there, possibly even be embarrassed about getting someone to believe we care about learning who they are. So I think that we actually have to put in some work on ourselves before we might really contribute.”

Or in other words, “Hey Millennial … will you take a chance on me?”

Note: Speaking of getting a song in your head. While I was writing this and thinking about that ABBA song, a woman messaged me about the fact that she was thinking about one of my songs and couldn’t get it out of her head. So she found me on the internet and wondered if I was the John Fischer who wrote “The New Covenant” musical which she learned and performed with a choir in 1978. So welcome our new Catch citizen, Marcy, and most likely some of her friends and family! We’re glad you found us.

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9 Responses to ‘Take A Chance On Me’

  1. Mark D Seguin says:

    Liked this from Today’s Catch: “We have so much to gain from each other — so much to gain from someone different.” I’ll add Amen!

    And welcome to the Catch family Marcy.

  2. John A Fagliano says:

    I love Abba. I would not even call it a guilty pleasure because they are good.
    “My love is strong enough
    To last when things are rough, it’s magic”. My favorite lyric from the song. It shows me how God can always use something “secular” to deliver a message that sounds straight from Him.

    What we don’t like about taking chances on different things is our own vulnerability. What if my faith isn’t strong enough to hold up in a home of atheists for two weeks? What if people of the opposing political party point out places where I’ve been wrong? I don’t want to have to give an inch if they don’t. A steady diet of only those who think like us gives us more security. The real question is, if we draw a line and separate ourselves from others, are we really doing want God wants from us?

    If you’re up for it, maybe you can take a chance on the song “Chiquitita”. I love how it goes from sadness to joy. For me, that’s a spiritual experience. If you’ve never heard it before or even if you have, enjoy

  3. Toni Petrella says:

    The Lord has always taken a chance on each and every one of us all through time. Always interesting to take a chance on someone or something different. My Dad served twenty years in the military and I served ten so meeting folks from different backgrounds, countries and cultures was always there and we liked doing that. Hopefully more folks will take a chance on someone or something totally out of their comfort zone and will learn from that experience which will as the old saying is broaden one’s horizons.

  4. Marcy Nix says:

    Thank you all for the warm welcome! I am happy to be here with you all😊

  5. Michael Klym says:

    Why do we need to clacify people as boomers or milinials or any other classification. Wouldn’t it be better to just be ?

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