A letter from Ben Beamering


Hi, I’m Ben Beamering and I am a fictitious character out of the mind of John Fischer who created me for his novel, Saint Ben. What he may not tell you is that I am him, though realistically, I am the part of him that not too many people know about. That’s why it took a novel to pull me out. My friend in the story, Jonathan, is much more like the John Fischer that you probably know, but not any more. Not since my coming out in this story.

You see, what John discovered about himself is what you will discover if you let this story get into you. You will discover that you are like me, too. You will discover that you, too, are tired of the status quo — that you are bored with life as we know it, and you will want to make some real changes in your life and in the lives of the people around you. 

You will discover that you are tired of not saying what you mean or meaning what you say. You don’t want to say the words if you don’t mean them. Better to not to say anything at all. 

And you will discover that too many things are being hidden. Too many people are trying to look like they are doing well when you know darn well they are not. And if you could figure out a way to blow everyone’s cover, you would. No one’s telling the truth about who they really are and how they are really doing.

And you will discover that if things are not as they should be, then we had best come right out and say that, even if we don’t know how to make it right.

And you will discover that it’s best to wake everyone up, because most of us have fallen asleep. 

I once said, “I’m not going to say anything I don’t mean, especially with God standing around listening.” Well, God is standing around listening all the time, and He’s watching everything we say and do. Don’t you think if we really knew that all the time, it would make a difference in how we live?

We’re Going Live!

So now that we know a little bit about each other and what we have in common, you’re going to want to be a part of the reading of my story starting today, Monday, September 26, 2022 at noon PDT. Meet with John and me as often as you can every day at the same time. Because for the next three weeks, John will be reading my story on Zoom and we want you to join us and help us make a most unusual audiobook, live, with your reactions and a discussion following each reading. 

That’s right: we’re Going Live! every day at noon. For the Zoom link, click on the signal below. We can’t wait to see you!

Ben Beamering

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