Ben hears from God


“No, Ben’s joy this morning was more than the anticipation of another prank. It was because something had happened to him that we all long for — something saints have lived and died for without ever finding — and Ben received it last night at the ripe old age of ten. Ben heard from God.”

These words were uttered by Ben’s father, Pastor Beamering, from the baptistry, high above the choir loft, where he stood weighed down by four feet of water that had flooded the chest-high fishing waders he wore when baptizing so he could stay dry while in the water. Ben had seen to it that his father would get all wet this time by devising a plan from his hospital bed to have Jonathan poke holes in his father’s rubber waders, never realizing that the water would make the boots so heavy that he would be unable to leave the baptistry for the remainder of the service.

Never mind that. It had created another spontaneous moment for which Ben’s father had become famous — a moment in which the pastor bared his soul to his congregation about his fear of Ben’s approaching death, and yet his joy over the final resolve of Ben’s long-standing struggle to believe. 

Have you ever heard from God? Answer this email and let me know. It’s happened to many people. God speaks in many ways. Sometimes it comes through an audible voice, sometimes through an impression in one’s spirit, sometimes through what you can only explain as an angel speaking through a person who was there one moment and gone the next.  

I heard from Him as a teenager in my car, having just experienced a genuine spiritual visitation in my youth group at church, and returning to my car where the radio came on to the Beatles, and feeling the music was not appropriate, I was nevertheless prevented from turning the radio off by a physical force and a conversation in my head which basically concluded, “Write me the music you like.” That would keep me pretty busy for the next 30 years or so.

God speaks to us in many different ways. Think about it. I’m sure He has spoken to you. Maybe you just didn’t realize it was Him.

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5 Responses to Ben hears from God

  1. Ann Hitt says:

    I didn’t hear Jesus’’ voice audibly, but know exactly what He said. It’s hard to describe this blessed event; it was an experience of Love.

    I was recovering from a near fatal anaphylactic episode. I was alive! I was full of gratitude and thankfulness for each breathe, each moment. I was weak, so I spent many hours in a chair reading the Bible, other material and meditating. I was also searching the internet for good resources in order to understand homosexuality. Our denomination was close to a decision on homosexual pastors, gay marriage. I was distressed. My belief is all God’s children should be welcome in church and everywhere. Following Jesus’ words, life, and example pointed to love not condemnation. Yet, I was not at peace.

    I was in my chair thinking on this and a pure, warm , intensely bright light appeared radiating Love, Comfort, Peace. Jesus said , “Love.”

    My heart, soul, soul and whole being was transformed.

  2. Sandie says:

    I accepted Jesus as Savior in the early 70s. (Accepting Him as Lord would come years later, but that’s another story.) Though we attended a conservative non-denominational church, most of our friends, who were also neighbors, were saved in and attended charismatic churches. We were a close-knit group of military families.
    Speaking in tongues was a hot topic many times. Unintended I’m sure, they made me feel my salvation wasn’t complete until I had received ‘the Baptism of The Holy Spirit,’ evidenced by speaking in tongues. Coming from a Roman Catholic background, getting saved seemed radical enough. Nevertheless, I read the scriptures and prayed my heart out, all to no avail. Maybe I wasn’t praying hard enough? Maybe I really wasn’t saved at all?
    One night, beseeching God for this ‘Baptism’ I believed I was lacking, I had a vision. I was in the middle of a crowd following this man. People were grabbing at him and speaking to him all at once. I knew I had to get to him, so I started pushing my way through, using my elbows, never taking my eyes off this mam, for fear I would lose sight of him in the surging mass of people. Somehow, I realized it was Jesus and started calling his name, hoping he would hear me over the crowd’s noise. Finally, after a long struggle, I reached him. I touched him. And he turned toward me. I saw the face of Jesus.
    It was settled. At that moment I stopped seeking what wasn’t meant for me. Years later, the gifts he bestowed and the talents he honed far outweighed what I had thought was so vital to my relationship and experience with God.
    Don’t get me wrong. I believe that speaking in tongues is a viable gift. It’s just not mine.

  3. Bridget Spelt says:

    My first husband passed away 20 years ago and often after that, I was emotional in church. Sometimes from sadness, other times because a song or message touched my heart. I remember praying “Lord, you promised you would dry up all my tears”. I didn’t want to cry, again! And have people feel sorry for me. Anyways, I could feel the tears well up in my eyes, so I kept praying that prayer. Moments later, the tears rolled down my face. I wiped them with my hand. And then I felt my hand and face dry up! Usually I would have to keep wiping the tears away. It was a small reminder of God’s love for me and how He heard my prayer.

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