An adventure of a Lifetime


We are providing over the next few weeks a new way of looking at a time and a generation that laid the foundation for today’s Christianity.

As the leader of this Catch community, I am suggesting an adventure of a lifetime for those who witnessed a movement that blew fresh air through the Church and society in general. I am suggesting we create, with a new relevance as older, wiser pioneers peering into a new frontier, relationships with those in their twenties and thirties who are currently undergoing the same societal stresses and asking many of the same questions we asked. Together, young and old, we will offer a Christianity yet to see the light of twenty-first century day.

The Catch Ministry, though it has a history, will never be about the past. The Catch, like history, will always open a window to the present and the future.

Every “reformation” comes as a surprise to the institutionalized church and faces great opposition — that’s the pattern of history as found in the Reformation or the Great Awakening or the Jesus Movement. Standing on the brink of the next one, understanding the emergence of the Jesus Movement from the counter culture of the 60s and 70s will help us understand the emergence of a new movement — a movement involving relationships — old pioneers and new pioneers — who are wrapping their arms around Jesus. 

In a world of accelerating change, it is fair to say we are all pioneers. Therefore, we can embrace what pioneering is: 

  • Pioneering is exciting. 
  • Pioneering is dangerous. 
  • Pioneering is lonely.
  • Pioneering requires an investment. 
  • Pioneering requires perseverance. 
  • Pioneering requires hope.
  • Pioneers break new ground. 
  • Pioneers overcome obstacles. 
  • Pioneers change the world.

The Catch Ministry does not include pessimists who do not pioneer. We see over the horizon to what could be, what must be. We are also realists to a degree. We recognize the challenge, but know there is no going back. We must forge ahead to find a new song, a new life, and a new beginning.

As pioneers, we are about having a vision of the future worth living for… worth dying for. We see that the mountain is worth climbing, that every journey of a thousand miles must begin with the first step, and that change is to be embraced to find new opportunities.

We cannot be dislocated settlers, longing for the good old days. We do not live in the past. But we cannot fear the future even though every mountain seems too high, every step too far, and every opportunity a potential disaster. Things will never get back to what we once called “normal.” It simply is not going to happen.

Something is coming and we are about to experience the most significant transformation in our lives. The older, wiser pioneers know how to manage these turbulent years directly in their path, and they know it will determine the fate of many. 

The Catch Ministry offers hope. Alone we are limited. But by working together with the Holy Spirit’s power, we can change the world! It’s time to join forces. There is no going back and we are now past the point of no return. The future is in our hands. We must change. We must think and act differently if we are to achieve a positive outcome.

The Catch Ministry puts us on the front lines of humanity doing the impossible and proving it can be done! The Catch Ministry produces pioneers looking into the new frontier — Grace Turned Outward.

As we embark on this adventure together, we are inviting influencers of the Jesus Movement who never fell victim to an industry or subculture, to join us. As they did “back in the day,” our guests continue to rally around the message of Jesus. It is the Catch Ministry’s hope that we can provide them a platform to offer a Christianity yet to see the light of twenty-first century day.

Our first guest is Nancy Honeytree, one of the few female vocalists to emerge from the Jesus Movement. Her sensitive songs earned her the nickname “The First Lady of Jesus Music.” But more to our conversation today, nothing captures better what we are addressing than in her song, “Pioneer.” A sampling of the lyrics are below: 

Pioneer, pioneer

Keep pressing onward beyond your fear.

Only the Father goes before you

To your own frontier—

You’re a pioneer.

What you have done, others will do.

Bigger and better, and faster than you.

But you can’t look back, gotta keep pressing through

There’s a wilderness pathway, and it’s calling you.


Nancy’s interview is available now (Use the passcode: n+wd5B?k).

Gunnar Goes Live!

Our good friend Gunnar Simonsen just discovered his old VCR and decided it was perfect for recording an important message to all of you. And so we encourage you to take 90 seconds to view it. And when you’re ready to contribute, either use the link provided under the video or close out the YouTube window and come back here to click on the green light.

Thank you for partnering with the Catch in helping us finish this important Campaign!

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