The experience of salvation


I am over talking about the Jesus Movement strictly in the past tense, as if Jesus stopped moving. Of course He didn’t. Never has. The Jesus Movement is wherever Jesus is moving, and one place that is happening is in and through you and me. Wake up.

The Jesus Movement is vibrant, youthful and alive. There are more hugs in a group of Jesus People than you will see anywhere. When Jesus gets a hold of a person, there is joy. That joy is infectious, and it is mostly an expression of newfound freedom.

Freedom from sin and guilt.

Freedom from addictions of all kinds.

Freedom from hopelessness and anxiety.

Freedom from lack of love.

Freedom from isolation and loneliness.

The internet has created pods of individuals floating around in cyberspace occasionally bumping into each other like bumper cars but never connecting. Jesus brings us together — online and off. It is Christ’s ultimate goal to make us all one. That’s truly good news to someone who doesn’t feel like they belong anywhere.

That’s why we call it the gospel of welcome. When you come to Jesus, you are welcomed into a family. No questions asked. You are no longer alone. And the family grows, because what God has given you, you want everyone else to have.

The #1 song of the movement was “Welcome Back” by the Love Song, and it captured what was happening as thousands of young people came home to Jesus. We are still welcoming back people today. Many Millennials and Gen-Z tell us that loneliness and isolation are rampant among them and their peers.

They are awakening to the pain of people living apart from God and the promise of an experience-oriented Gospel that will transform their lives. They are awakening to what went dormant due to the dominance of the Christian subculture and the distraction of politics. But the original leaders of the Jesus Movement didn’t quit; they continued ministering to whomever would listen, and they are still at it today. We are talking to them over the next few weeks and you can view those conversations here. Our next one with Chuck Smith, Jr. is available now (Use the passcode: KK7$*m!6). Chuck got an inside view of the incredible rapid growth of Calvary Chapel, Costa Mesa, California due to his dad’s decision to accept hippies into the church.

Jesus created a movement; we didn’t.  He never intended to create an institution. He is going to a party — as it turns out — a party populated by sinners. “Why does your teacher eat with tax collectors and sinners?” the Pharisees wanted to know. Because eating with someone is a sign of friendship, and the tax collectors and sinners are the ones who know they need a savior.

“Anybody want some coffee?”

Gunnar Simonsen wants to get you a cup of coffee. So listen in and see what he has in mind. And when you’re ready to contribute, either use the link provided under the video or close out the YouTube window and come back here to click on the green light.

Thank you for partnering with the Catch in helping us finish this important Campaign!

Click on the green light to contribute.

Join these Catch Ministry Campaign Givers

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