It’s a Wonderful Life: VIDEO #3


It’s official. Everybody is a nobody. No one can measure up to the standard of perfection required without Christ. Which means no one is anyone without grace. But Christ brings to us His great gift of Grace that upends God’s law, and suddenly, I am no longer NOBODY but SOMEBODY. I am alive!

Certainly within the Catch and its ministries, whenever the Grace of God is preached, people whose lives have come under duress based on both choice and events, gravitate to its message. And since we are an international community, the messengers of Grace become more numerous. Their message multiplies to finally, everyone, everywhere, causing thousands of people to escape a place of NOBODY to become a SOMEBODY in God’d kingdom.

The Catch Ministry will never turn its back on a NOBODY for any reason. We recognize it is God’s business to bring His people to Himself. We are the messengers of His greatest Gift, whether they are or are not part of the body of believers. We do not know whether they will or will not come to Christ, and we do not know when they will or will not. Thus, we treat everybody with the dignity and respect due an ongoing creation of God. Their final choices are not for anyone to judge, but to walk alongside treating everybody as a SOMEBODY.

So when you contribute to the Catch and its ministries, you are not just investing in a NOBODY but a SOMEBODY saved, just like yourself, by Grace.

As we travel this journey together for the sake of the Grace given to each of us and for the purpose of giving it to everyone, everywhere — turning multiples of people from NOBODIES to SOMEBODIES — let’s celebrate. We are alive!

Celebrate with us by making a year-end gift contribution … and might we dare suggest, stretching your gift and your capability to give. God meets us, not in our scarcity, but in our ability to believe.


Click below for our latest video #3 and we include links to the others in case you missed them. These videos are fun adaptations of a Radio Theater production of “It’s A Wonderful Life.”





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