It’s a Wonderful Life: Video #4


This episode’s story is about a Nobody who desires to be a Somebody but is not recognized by a Somebody who should know better. Just because he’s speaking to a Nobody from another generation, that should not make any difference.

Relationships are all about having patience and being willing to learn. It’s the adventure of discovering someone different than you.

The Catch is all about developing relationships because relationships are eternal, and they are they way God has designed the gospel of welcome — grace turned outward — to go forward and spread out into the world. Relationships are everything.

Enjoy this video (#4) about Isaiah, a Millennial, and Jim, a Boomer, and what they have to gain through a relationship with each other.

And then we ask that you be generous with your year-end gift to the Catch Ministry. This is our last day! Time is almost up! Help us get ready for 2023! Join us as we prepare more boots on the ground for the relationships that will make a difference for eternity.


Click below for our latest video #4 and we include links to the others in case you missed them. These videos are fun adaptations of a Radio Theater production of “It’s A Wonderful Life.”







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