Before Christian Music was Christian


Before Christian music was contemporary and Christian radio played it …

Before tours and contracts,

Before careers and airplay,

Before Perrier in the dressing room,

Before Christian promoters, producers, and roadies,

Before Christian busses and semis and record execs,

Before Christian was an adjective,

Before worship was music,

Before Moral was a Majority and Christian was a Coalition,

Before Christianity became political,

Before we knew what we were doing… there was Jesus music.

Jesus music was rough and unruly. It was offensive. It was locked out of most churches and happening on the street. No one asked; they just did it. Musicians were preachers and preachers were evangelists. And freaks got saved.

There was no plan. There were no credentials. There was the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit was a little wild.

This wasn’t premeditated, packaged or marketed. There was no strategy. This was people getting plugged into Jesus and plugging in their guitars. It wasn’t perfect. It was raw. It was what a revolution is like.

But then again you had to have been there.

Unless you were to ask the question: “What could happen now?”



Barry McGuire, Noel Paul Stookey, Nancy Honeytree, Paul Clark, Ingemar Olsson, Glenn Kaiser, and others come together to talk about the Jesus Movement and about bringing it forward to today.

Don’t miss this special opportunity coming February 10!

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1 Response to Before Christian Music was Christian

  1. Eddie says:

    Keith Green was one of the most talented and sold out to Jesus in the whole movement.

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