A New Song of Deliverance


A fresh new thing is happening in our earth — the earth in which God’s Son paid the price for our lives. And it shall bear fruit, even greater than has taken place in the past. For Christ’s forerunning ways shall make manifest no longer a stereotype, but a prototype of His Kingdom, because the door that He has ordained shall be walked through with liberty and authority, and a new song — a song of deliverance and hope shall be heard — a song that will bring testimony of His glory, and a song that will cause those that have no hope to hear and run towards Jesus and not away from Him.

God has ordained us to be the testimony of His overwhelming love and wisdom. This wisdom will be manifest in and through all that will break the yoke. The sound in the earth of His glory and righteousness shall be heard in future generations to the last one. All who hear it will love with new freshness as He draws them by His spirit. This is the hour of fresh beginnings. Let anticipation bring faith, and faith shall express God’s heart. And the days ahead shall bring even greater fruit than before. “I am that I am,” and I am yours, says the Lord.


Barry McGuire, Noel Paul Stookey, Randy Stonehill, Nancy Honeytree, Paul Clark, Ingemar Olsson, and Glenn Kaiser, come together to talk about the Jesus Movement and about bringing it forward to today.

Don’t miss this special opportunity coming February 10!

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1 Response to A New Song of Deliverance

  1. Sandie says:

    “Lend an ear to a Love Song….”

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