‘Sharpen the Axe’


Our Catch today comes in the words of Paul Clark, who, in response to yesterday’s Catch wrote the following. This is an important message to all of us.

In 1976, after 6 years of following Jesus and 5 years of non-stop touring, I stopped to catch my breath and take inventory of what I was doing.

I made some personal adjustments, but the alarming statistic that moved my ministry needle was my utter disappointment and dismay at the number of leaders that had completely fallen away from the faith at many of the campus churches I had planted across the country.

After much prayer, I felt the Holy Spirit led me to Luke 9:62 “No one, having put his hand to the plow, and looking back, is fit for the Kingdom of God.”

Although most read and interpret that verse from a judgmental perspective, I read it through the lens of my athletic lifestyle and calculated that they had sprinted and burned out, failing to see that this is a long distance race.

In my fervor, the Holy Spirit penned what is still one of the most impacting songs of my music ministry, “Hand To The Plow.” Now, nearly 53 years later, I’ve still got my hand to the plow.

Next Monday, I’ll be at the iconic FAME Studios in Muscle Shoals, Alabama recording two new songs… “Sharpen the Axe” and “I Ain’t I.”

There’s nothing more valuable to me than forging a music message to reactivate those soldiers who burned out sprinting, and getting them back in the battle.

Ecclesiastes 10:10: “If the axe is dull and he does not sharpen the edge he must exert more strength, but wisdom has the advantage of bringing success.”

Paul is one of the artists joining us for our special online event next Saturday, February 11. Mark your calendar. These eight people, who had a profound effect on the history of Christianity, have never been in the same room together.


Creating a New Song of Deliverance and Hope


Paul Clark, Nancy Honeytree, Glenn Kaiser, Chuck Smith Jr, Randy Stonehill, John Fischer, Noel Paul Stookey and Ingemar Olsson.

You do not want to miss seeing and hearing these who have consistently lived within their prophetic message over these last 50 years. Come and hear what they have to say about a new movement for a new generation!

Live Streaming on February 11, 2023

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2 Responses to ‘Sharpen the Axe’

  1. David Gauthier says:

    This looks to be fascinating and incredibly relevant.

  2. Paul Rabe says:

    Too many times in pentecostal circles, the human spirit is confused with the Holy Spirit. We have to have knowledge of God’s rules & principles to abide in His will & please Him.

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