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Heaping burning coals

There’s a way to hurt someone you really don’t like. Love them. Of course if you love them, you can’t not like them anymore, nor can you wish hurt upon them. But it does solve the problem, doesn’t it? It’s … Continue reading

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Stairway to heaven?

(Click here for a video of John reading this Catch.) According to James, your faith in Christ has to be evidenced in your attitudes, your treatment of others, and your overall actions or else you are fooling yourself with your … Continue reading

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Kind eyes

You are here And so am I Maybe millions of people go by But they all disappear from view And I only have eyes for you (Sha bop sha bop) “Your eye is like a lamp that provides light for … Continue reading

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Living in a meaner, tougher nation

Where is George Herbert Walker Bush when we need him? If we ever needed that “kinder, gentler nation” he talked about, it’s now. But it seems so distant, doesn’t it? Isn’t that soft? Isn’t that weak to be kind and … Continue reading

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What the world needs now is you

There is a mean-spiritedness prevalent in our society today and we need to counter it as Christians in the marketplace. Donald Trump’s success is not because of Donald Trump, it’s because his message and bullish attitude has connected with a … Continue reading

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What you see in the backward glance

One of our MemberPartners recently lost a very dear friend. In the process of grieving, she related some of the beautiful things that were shared in this friend’s passing as it appears she was an inspiration to many. One of … Continue reading

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On-ramp raceway

Thanks to so many of you who sent in your stories of giving this Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Today we close out our brief stopover at the well of compassion with a submission by Marti that in light of our work … Continue reading

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