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Building bridges instead of walls

Jesus gave us one command before He left. It was the last thing He told us. He told us to go. Go into all the world. Go into all the world and make disciples. Go into all the world and … Continue reading

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Going AWOL from the culture war

In the story of David and Abigail (1 Samuel 25), David vows retribution for the way his men were treated by the landowner (Nabal) who should have been grateful for the kindness his servants received from them. These men of … Continue reading

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Christians and cultural ambiguity

Yesterday’s Catch apparently created a number of favorable tweets. My wife, Marti, thought it contained one of my best sentences ever in, “And even if [government] could get people to behave like Christians, without a relationship with Jesus Christ, they, … Continue reading

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True Religion

Christians in America today need to be radical about supporting freedom of religion in public life. In doing so, we will be carrying on the grand tradition upon which this country was founded. Some have called it the great experiment.

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