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Both sides now

(Click here for a video of John reading this Catch.) Inspired by yesterday’s Catch on learning to understand “the other side,” Terri, who has spent most of her career as a college professor, sent me some insightful comments a few … Continue reading

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Empathy is not endorsement

(Click here for a video of John reading this Catch.) In a recent interview in United Airlines Hemisphere magazine, singer/songwriter and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee, Bonnie Raitt, stated: “This time is the most fraught and worrisome in … Continue reading

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Lessons in seeing people

(Click here for a video of John reading this Catch.) When [Jesus] saw the crowds, he had compassion on them because they were confused and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd. Matthew 9:36 If we ever needed an example of … Continue reading

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Empathetic Savior

Turn to me and have mercy,     for I am alone and in deep distress. My problems go from bad to worse.     Oh, save me from them all! Feel my pain and see my trouble.  Psalm 25:16-18 (NLT) Does this not … Continue reading

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Building bridges instead of walls

Jesus gave us one command before He left. It was the last thing He told us. He told us to go. Go into all the world. Go into all the world and make disciples. Go into all the world and … Continue reading

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Spiritual first responders

Empathy: to step into someone else’s shoes and feel what they feel. If you missed our BlogTalkRadio interview with Doug Stevens last night, I urge you, if your boots are on the ground anywhere, to listen to the podcast at … Continue reading

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Through our own two eyes

Rain can ruin your weekend Or rain can spare your life; Depending on who you are and what your thirst is like.                       – Mark Heard, from the song, “Some … Continue reading

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When preachers get loud

I’ve made it tough on myself lately. I’ve been choosing to write about topics I know I struggle to understand and act on — things I hoped to change through the transparency of writing. So far, I’ve found out it … Continue reading

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In Marti Fischer’s shoes

  We’ve discovered that empathy is walking a mile in someone else’s shoes — to see the world as they see it. And if this person is important to you, then the things they see will be important to you … Continue reading

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Coming together versus pulling apart

It was humanly impossible to hear this scream and not feel pain. This was not play-acting. There was something wrong, and someone was in trouble.

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