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State of the world

(Click here for a video of John reading this Catch.) Every day it seems we are presented with, no matter what your chosen news source, a new list of terribly worrisome things that we can do nothing about. The last … Continue reading

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What to do about conspiracy theories

(Click here for a video of John reading this Catch.) As followers of Christ and students of the Bible, we don’t need any conspiracy theories. We already have one, and it’s not a theory; it’s the truth. “Put on all … Continue reading

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It’s one or the other

(Click here for a video of John reading this Catch.) “Do not fear threats; do not be frightened.” But in your hearts revere Christ as Lord. 1 Peter 3:14-15 Whatever you do, don’t let fear rule your heart. To be sure, … Continue reading

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Fearless Faith

In this season it is good to keep a close eye on our emotions. There are two that are especially prevalent, and seem to grow as political activity increases, and signs of the times seem to indicate, more than ever … Continue reading

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No fear

“Fear not.” It’s what angels say whenever they show up because they put off a very bright white light that would be quite alarming to any mortal. It’s also what Jesus said when He surprised His disciples with an unexpected … Continue reading

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Overcoming fear

How do we eliminate fear? By taking charge of our situation. By doing something instead of nothing. The two servants who invested the money the Master entrusted to them were not afraid (Matthew 25:14-28). If they had any fear at … Continue reading

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The key to love and fear

You hold the key to love and fear All in your trembling hand Just one key unlocks them both It’s there at you command        – from the song, “Get Together” by the Youngbloods For God has not … Continue reading

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