Everyone, everywhere


The vision of the Catch Ministry is: To introduce the Gospel of Welcome — Grace Turned Outward — to everyone, everywhere.

“Everyone, everywhere” is not just an overstatement for a whole lot of people, nor is it a way of creating a goal that we will never reach so we will always have something to shoot for. We’re not playing around here. It means only one thing: it means “everyone, everywhere.”

When Jesus said, “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations,” (Matthew 28:129) or as recorded in the Gospel of Mark, “Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone.” (Mark 16:15NLT) was He exaggerating, or did He mean that? What do you think?

We think He means everyone, everywhere, and now with the aid of the Internet, reaching everyone, everywhere isn’t such a grand impossibility. That’s why we say when talking about introducing the Gospel of Welcome — Grace Turned Outward — to everyone, everywhere, that the Catch can.

But it’s all of us together, not just the Catch. We’ve been saying for some time now that you are the boots on the ground of this ministry. The Catch is now a place for inspiration, training and discipleship. When you write us or call us and tell us you are talking to someone at work about Grace Turned Outward, that is when we know we are fulfilling our vision. When June tells us she is learning how to relate to a racist who wants to be her friend, we are fulfilling our vision. When Nicki learns to stand up to bullies at work with Grace Turned Outward, we are fulfilling our vision. Our job is to create disciples of Christ who are full of grace and truth in an age of meanness and bigotry. It’s a timely task making a real difference in the world and fulfilling the command of the Lord.

This started with me, years ago, but it is bigger than me now, and that’s the way it should be, especially if the Catch is to live beyond Marti and me, which is our goal. So look for new tools and new materials and new opportunities as we enter into the expansion we have been talking about. And pray for our Accountability Commission as we seek to map out a clear direction for the Catch. Ultimately, this is bigger than all of us, because it is God working in and through us all. That’s the only way we will be able to reach everyone, everywhere with the Gospel of Welcome — Grace Turned Outward.

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