Less agreement; more love


Too much agreement kills a chat.  – Eldridge Cleaver

The worst thing about American political parties is that there are only two of them. To be sure, there are additional parties, but these are too small to make much of a dent in the political landscape except for taking some people away from one or both of the two major parties. This is why the polarization we are experiencing right now is so devastating and debilitating to moving ahead. You mean there are only two answers to EVERYTHING? Two ways to solve a problem? Two perspectives of looking at a thing? And one is always right, and the other is always wrong? Any thinking person can see how short-sighted and literally impossible this is.

But of course the parties are not going to go away. They are a part of the system and the way the system works. The parties serve a purpose; the polarization does not. It’s when we come together and work together that things get done. This is the way it always has been. Down through history it’s been this way. Bipartisan coalitions get things done. Partisan standoffs get nowhere.

What I’m going to suggest, and the reason I am writing about this in a Catch, is that we should make friends with people from the other party. Just imagine, how, in a small way, we could move the country toward healing and toward a stronger union. Instead of continually bolstering one side, why not listen to the other side for a change? They’re not all dummies, you know. There are very smart people on both sides of the fence. Who knows? You might even change your mind on a few things. Taking actual steps towards coming together versus moving apart are steps in the right direction.

I have a friend who does this. He is a friend of the Catch and he meets regularly with someone of a different political persuasion from himself and he says it’s been eye-opening. It’s a strengthening exercise, and when you think that the whole country is splitting apart, even small gestures of coming together can make a difference. It can set an example for others.

As Christians we come together in Christ. So in Christ, we can come together as Republicans and Democrats — liberals and conservatives — and love and respect one another, even if we think differently on issues. They’ll know we are Christians because we think alike? No. They’ll know we are Christians because we love one another.

We will work with each other we will work side by side

We will work with each other we will work side by side

And we’ll guard each man’s dignity and save each man’s pride

And they’ll know we are Christians by our love — by our love

Yes they’ll know we are Christians by our love

                                          – Peter Scholtes

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5 Responses to Less agreement; more love

  1. kellief4 says:

    Great idea! And realize it can be just as hard as “loving your neighbor as yourself”. But it’s worth doing.

  2. Dave Morgereth says:

    This is what (conservative columnist) Cal Thomas wrote about (liberal Senator) George McGovern

    After his Senate re-election defeat in 1980, McGovern and I debated on college campuses and in other venues. These debates were always civil because McGovern was a gentleman. After one debate at Butler University in Indianapolis, a fellow conservative invited me to dinner.

    “Thank you,” I said, “but George and I have dinner plans.”
    “How can you eat with a man like that?” he said with an equal mix of surprise and disgust.
    “Easy,” I said. “He’s a friend of mine.”
    This is what is missing from our politics today. If we don’t like a person’s politics, we reflexively dislike the person.


  3. Andrew P. says:

    Absolutely needed, John. There are a few organized groups doing this (not necessarily from a Christian standpoint, but just a civility one). One is: https://www.better-angels.org/ (I haven’t participated, at this point, but I have at least considered it.)

  4. Cindy M says:

    This is great, I am neither Republican or Democrat, I have always been a registered Independent and I have good friends from both parties and some who are also independent. Sometimes we have spirited discussions and I have learned and changed my mind sometimes after these discussions. It is good to keep an open mind.

  5. Timothy Logan says:

    Great catch i grew up a conservative Democrat yes we do exist being raised in Oklahoma it was common, i changed parties in support of Donald Trump, i still have the same values, and who knows i may one day change back i have and always will vote for the person not the party

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