The ice is cracking on our isolation


By the time you read this, I will be headed east on Interstate 10 towards Phoenix, Arizona, and Tempe Diablo Stadium for the first Los Angeles Angels spring training game I have attended in two years. Most of you already know I have a habit of doing this every year, except that last year this thing happened that if it didn’t take your life, it altered it to where it was hardly recognizable anymore as your life. The three games I was supposed to attend last season at this time were canceled two days prior to my departure. So they kindly reissued my tickets for this year and gave me the option of choosing my seats before the tickets went on sale to the public.

Now mind you, instead of 9,000 fans who would normally be at these games, there will be more like 2,000 people there with lots of room in between them. It’s still restrictive, but the opportunity to be in a large group of people making lots of noise sounds perfectly splendid right now. After a full year of isolation the fog is starting to lift. I am imagining there will be lots of chatting going on.

We have been isolated so much from each other, but one thing’s for sure, no one’s been isolated from the Lord unless they wanted to be. No restrictions there. No masks either. “When anyone turns to the Lord, the veil is taken away.” Who needs a mask in the presence of God?

Pictured above are Al and Nancy Gonzalez with me taken from the same stadium two years ago. Nancy and Al are ticket takers at Angels spring training games and I found out they will be there again this year. These two have a very special thing going with their retirement. They travel around in an R.V. and help out wherever they can be of service, and their spring training gig is their own treat which allows them to work all the home spring games (and sometimes get to watch!). And here’s something else you need to know about Nancy and Al. They are also faithful MemberPartners of the Catch. How cool is that?

[to be continued …]

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5 Responses to The ice is cracking on our isolation

  1. Andy Parker says:

    Glad you are getting to go!! You are entitled to a little vacation or down time, if it is such. Enjoy!!

  2. Andy Parker says:

    Breakfast looks good but I cannot see the Hatch green chilies. Enjoy! Me, my heaven on earth is not professional sports, semi-pro sports(big time college) but small college girls basketball where a 5ft 8inch can sink a 3 pt. without a miss with the opponent in her face. Playing because she loves the game and getting a good education to boot. But then, the very best Heaven on Earth, caps intended, is a trout stream in southern Colorado, isolated, one becomes angry if they see another angler(fisherman). An antique bamboo fly rod once held by my grand dad or ma in hand, no. 12 royal coachman dry fly(can not see the no. 14 anymore) seeking the thrill of that motion just before the strike of the fly. Thank you Jesus for the Creation! The smell, roar of water(roar of water now heard by assistance of a Cochlear Implant) and the presence of my Angel watching over this old toot. Life if good. Hello market place, I have something to share with you when you have time to listen, other wise hold my beer and watch this. Sent in love from a brother who asks God’s Blessings on you, your family and your ministry as led by your mentors, Angels. Keep up the great work! Andy

  3. jwfisch says:

    Thank you, Andy. I’m driving home today. 6 hrs in car. Alright if I try to reach you today?

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